Specialized Food Machinery Company

Corporate Overview

Comprehensive design and production of food manufacturing facilities

Sauce Manufacturing Equipment

Improved and traditional soybean paste, red pepper paste,
soy sauce, fast-fermented bean paste, fermented soybean lump-related Equipment

  • Raw Material Selector, Washing Equipment
    (Selector Stone Picker, Lifting Conveyor, Grain Washing Machine)
  • Raw Material Steaming Equipment (NK Steamer, Whole Wheat Continuous Steamer)
  • Fermentation, Cultivation Equipment (Circular Pure Base Soup Machine,
    Pure Base Soup Machine, Yeast Culture Machine, Fermentation
    Facility for Fermented Soybean Lump and Fast-Fermented Bean Paste)
  • Sterilization, Cooling Equipment (AM type Sterilizer, Hemispherical type,
    Ribbon Mixer Type Compound Sterilizer, Cooler, Tube Type Cooler)
  • Storage, Transport, Filtration, Packaging Equipment (Curve Silo, Conveyor Transport
    and Processing Equipment, Filters, Filling Machines, etc.)
Kimchi Manufacturing Equipment
  • Transfer Conveyor and Workstation Conveyor
  • Saltwater Manufacturing and Supply Facility
  • Salting tank, desalting salted-cabbages, and washing tank
  • Radish washing machine, Washing and Transportation Container, Stuffing Worktable, Mobile Wagon
  • Seasoning Mixer, CHUTE, Seasoning Grinder, etc.
Other food manufacturing Equipment
  • Retort (high temperature and high-pressure sterilizer)
  • Conveyor-type Sterilizer, Continuous Grain Steamer
  • Extractor and Vacuum Condenser
  • Fermenter (Liquid fermenter, Reactor)
  • Mixer (wet, powder, liquid)
  • Sanitary Piping Construction
Industrial Equipment Design and Manufacture
  • Reactor, Evaporator
  • Chemical tanks, Silo
  • Auto Clave
  • Other chemical and industrial machinery customization, transfer facilities, etc.